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7th DMZ Docs(2015)


International Competition Jury

장 피에르 렘

Jean-Pierre REHM

Jean-Pierre REHM, a graduate of the ?cole Normale Sup?rieure and student of modern literature and philosophy, has been moving from teaching (history and theory of art and film) in various Art School to the French Ministry of Culture and curating exhibitions (Cairo Museum of Modern Art, Yokohama Art Center in Japan, Witte de With in Rotterdam, Fondation Caixa in Barcelona). In addition, he writes regularly for various media: exhibition catalogues, artists and filmmakers monographs (Roee ROSEN, TSAI Ming-Liang, Mark LEWIS, William EGGLESTON, Jimmie DURHAM, Peter FRIEDL, Jacques ROZIER, Isidore ISOU, etc.), art and cinema reviews like Cahiers du Cin?ma, Trafic, etc. Since 2001, he is Director of the International Film Festival of Marseille, FIDMarseille.


AN Cheong-sook

AN Cheong-sook is the director of Indie Space, a privately owned independent theater, first opened when AN Cheong-sook was the Director of the Korean Film Council but closed after that The current Indie Space theater was opened again by filmmakers and moviegoers who raised funds for it because they felt an independent movie theater was absolutely necessary. Over 50 independent films are screened yearly regardless of genre. AN was a film reporter Hangyoreh Newspaper and served as the editor in chief at Cine 21, the weekly movie magazine. She was the third director (2005-2008) of the Korean Film Council.

로무알트 카마카


Roumuald KARMAKAR is a German-born French filmmaker whose works react strongly to the conventions of German film and European history. KARMAKAR has been an independent filmmaker since 1985, working at first on mostly shorts and documentaries, mostly concerned with influential figures of American film and Hollywood. Since then, KARMAKAR has also explored the feature-length format, in which his subjects range widely from the terror of romantic relationships, to serial killers, to the sensual experience of electronic music. He is perhaps best known for his provocative and controversial works about loaded subjects in German history, notably the Nazi occupation.

Asian Competition Jury

부디 이라완토


Budi IRAWANTO is director Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF), a premier Asian film festival in Indonesia. Budi served both as president jury and jury members in many film festival such Berlin International Film Festival 2006, Cinemalaya (Philippines Independent Film Festival) 2009, Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival (Festival Film Dokumenter) from 2005-2008 and ChopShots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia 2014. He wrote two books on Indonesian cinema and contributed articles to the Asian Cinema journal and an edited volume of Asian Documentary Today(2012) published by Asian Network Documentary (AND) and Busan International Film Festival. He is also lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies at the Gadjah Mada University (Yogyakarta-Indonesia). He just completed his research on cultural politics of contemporary Indonesian and Malaysian cinema for his PhD program in the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore.

후지이 다케시

FUJII Takeshi

FUJII Takeshi studies Modern Korean History and is currently a professor in the Department of History and the Head of Research at the Historical Problems Research Center at Sungkyunkwan University and is also teaching at Sungkyunkwan University and Ewha Women’s University. He wrote In Between Fascism and the Third World (Yeoksabipyeongsa Publishing, 2012) and translated Translation and the Subjectivity (Isan, 2005) and Damigayo Jaechang (Samin, 2011).


LEE Seung-joon

LEE Seung-joon began documentary filmmaking as the co-director of Invisible War ? Bihar, India Report. His short documentary Ruins Breathe was invited to Indie Documentary Festival and the Seoul Independent Film Festival. His KBS Wednesday Project Like Wildflowers, a Story of Two Women won the Award for Best Commissioned Work and his documentary Children of God (2008) won the NETPAC award at the Jeonju International Film Festival. He has continued to make TV documentaries and Planet of Snail (2011) won the Grand Prize at IDFA. Wind on the Moon (2014) Won the UNICEF award at EIDF.

하나 쿨한코바


Hana KULH?NKOV? is a director of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague, organized by Czech NGO People in Need. One World is currently the biggest human rights film festival in the world which focuses on social, political, environmental, media and human rights issues from all over the globe. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno with a degree in English and American studies. She has worked for other film festivals (Mezipatra, Febiofest) as a programmer and has taught history of American avant-garde film as well as gender and queer theory and is active in LGBT advocacy.


KIM Tae-il

KIM Tae-il began making documentaries in 1991. He directed numerous documentaries including Wonjinbyeolgok (1993), Mother’s Lavendar Towel (1995). Annyong, Sayonara (2005) was invited to the Wide Angle section of the 10th Busan International Film Festival and won the Woonpa Award. He formed Sangunae, a project team created by the family, and has been working on The World History of the People for a long time. He is working on Part 1 No Name Stars, Part 2 Wellang Trei, and Part 3 with the working title of Like Olive about people who live on the western part of Palestine.

우드 린

Wood LIN

Born in 1981, Wood LIN received his Master degree from the Graduate Institute of Sound and Image Studies at Tainan National University of the Arts, LIN is a film critic and festival organizer specializing in documentary. In 2012, he published the book Out of Frame: Taiwan Documentary Filmmakers’ Portrait. He is now the executive director of Taiwan Documentary Filmmakers’ Union, and the program director of TAIWAN International Documentary Festival.

Youth Competition Jury


KIM Yeong-chong

KIM Yeong-chong dropped out of Gyenam High School, a decision prompted by his own values and standardsWhile struggling to find an answer to his issues and thoughts, he came across cinema. Now he believes in the power of cinema and continues to dream of it.


KIM Eun-kyung

KIM Eun-kyung is majoring in Theater and Film at Kaywon High School of Arts. She was exposed to various genres of films and moving images before developing an interest in documentaries and produced a shot documentary about SNS earlier this year.


KIM Chae-hyeon

KIM Chae-hyeong loves films and literature and is a film major at Kaywon High School of Arts. She has loved books since she was young and has grown to see the world through them. Her dream is to make the world more beautiful through stories.


MOON Chan-woo

MOON Chan-woo majors in electricity at Sudo Electric Technical High School. His most memorable movie was Forrest Gump and he dreams of living an honest life like the character of Forrest Gump in the movie.


PARK Hye-min

PARK Hye-min is a 17-year-old high school student who likes watching movies and dreams of becoming a film director. She likes imagining things by herself and writing in her journal every night before going to bed. She wants to become a director with a warm heart who tells her own stories in heartwarming movies someday.


LEE Sung-ju

LEE Sung-ju feels both affection and contempt for the very first days of Earth, 4am at Prague Airport, the communion between a twentysomething-year-old and an eighty-something-year-old of different races. But the reality is, she is intimidated when she stands before a picture of Ginana Jeon Ji Hyun and fried chicken. She thinks that there may be nothing special like herself in other worlds, too.


JOO Eun-jeong

JOO Eun-jeong is a senior at Okryun Girls’ High School. She has been active in various forms of media and has directed films and worked as a reporter. She got interested in documentaries because of the way they expose the truth, their honesty and humanity.

Brave New Docs Award Jury


JOO Jae-hyun

JOO Jae-hyun served as the legal counsel for the Seocho Police Station in Seoul, the Korean Resource Recycling Association, and the Korean Disabled Writers Association and is an auditor and executive committee member for the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival.


KIM Si-eun

KIM Si-eun majored in Russian at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and is currently working in her master’s degree in Russian in the Advanced Interpretation and Translation Program of Chungang University’s Graduate School of International Studies.

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