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5th DMZ Docs(2013)


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John GIANVITO is a director, teacher, and curator. His 2001 feature The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein received the Jury Prize at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema. His 2007 film Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind were named ?Best Experimental Film of the Year’ by the National Society of Film Critics. Recently his film Vapor Trail (Clark), exploring the impact of the U.S. military presence in the Philippines, was cited as one of the Top Ten Films of the year by critics in Film Comment and Sight&Sound. Recently, he took a part in Omnibus Far From Afganistan.

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Charlotte COOK

Charlotte COOK is Director of Programming at Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival. She was previously Head of Film Programming and Training at the Frontline Club in London, an organization dedicated to championing independent journalism and freedom of expression. Charlotte has worked with BBC Storyville, the Channel 4 BritDoc Foundation’s Puma Creative Catalyst Fund and the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where she curated the strand Conflict | Reportage. Charlotte has written extensively for a number of different outlets and was the main photographic researcher for the launch of The Times Online archive project. Alongside programming, Charlotte advises organizations on media literacy, specializes in investigative journalism, international conflict, and has an academic background in the role of technology for the media.


PARK Chan-kyong

Born in Seoul in 1965, PARK Chan-kyong studied fine arts at Seoul National University for BFA and majored in photography at Cal Arts for MFA. He has been actively working as a visual artist who won numerous awards. Both his fine arts and filmic works primarily focus on the Cold War and the Korean division. Since 2008, he has created photographs, videos, and filmic works focusing on Korea’s native religion and shamanism.

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LEE Yong-cheol

He is Film Critic. He wrote for Cine 21, Seoul Newspaper, JoongAng Ilbo, and Chosun Ilbo. Now he is editorial associate for Extreme Movie.


JO Ji-hoon

JO Ji-hoon worked for Jeonju International Film Festival as a program coordinator and a programmer from 2001 to 2012. He was a producer of Jeonju Digital Project and Short! Short! Short! in 2008 and Jeonju Project Market in 2009. He was a jury of Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival 2010 & 2012, Jakarta International Film Festival 2010, Seoul International NewMedia Festival 2011, CPH:DOX 2011, and Cinemanila International Film Festival 2012. He was also a NETPAC jury in Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2012 and Rotterdam International Film Festival 2013 and a member of selection committee for HORS PISTES 2013 presented by Centre Pompidou in Paris. He is working for Muju Film Festival as a programmer, Warsaw Film Festival as senior programme advisor and Documentary Pitching Forum 2013 as a head producer.

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루치아노 바리소네


Film-club host, journalist and film critic for specialist magazines since 1997. Luciano BARISONE has contributed to numerous international film festivals, including the Locarno International Film Festival and the Venice International Film Festival. In 2002, he founded the Alba Infinity Festival, for which he has acted as artistic director until 2007. From 2008 to 2010 he is artistic director at Festival dei Popoli in Florence. Since 2011 is the director of Visions du R?el in Nyon. He has acted as member of the jury at various film festivals include Hot Docs, IDFA, Locarno and Cannes.

필립 치아

Philip CHEAH

Philip CHEAH is a film critic and is the editor of BigO, Singapore’s only independent pop culture publication. He is Vice-President of NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema). He is programme consultant for the South-east Asian Film Festival, the AsiaPacificFilms.com website, Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Shanghai Int’l Film Festival, Hanoi Int’l Film Festival and the Dubai Int’l Film Festival. He is coeditor of the books: Garin NUGROHO’s And the Moon Dances, Noel VERA’s Critic After Dark and Ngo Phuong Lan’s Modernity and Nationality in Vietnamese Cinema. In 2004, he was awarded the Korean Cinema Award at the 9th Busan International Film Festival, for his contribution to Korean film. In 2006, he was awarded the Asian Cinema Prize at the 8th Cinemanila International Film Festival, for his contribution to Asian film. He is also patron of the South-east Asian Screen Academy in Indonesia.



He built strong interest towards cinema at the first video-theque in Korea, ‘Cinema Space 1895.’ As a journalist, he wrote culture section for the Korean Daily Newspaper JoongAng Ilbo. At Cine 21, he started as a reporter and became editor-in-chief in January 2010. From February 2013 till Now, he is a committee member for Cine 21 Contents Business Team.

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HUH Kyoung

HUH Kyoung had worked as a staff at the Seoul Fringe Festival in 2002 ~ 2003 and she joined the program team of the Seoul Independent Film Festival in 2003. She continued to work for both Seoul Independent Film Festival and Seoul Independent DOcumentary Film&Video Festival while she served on the secretariat of the Association of Korean Independent Film&Video. From 2006 to 2010, She served as a program manager for Korean cinema at the Busan International Film Festival. And also she had worked as a programmer of Indieplus, a theater for independent films operated by Korean Film Council.

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KIM Ye-jin

KIM is in the second grade of Bongeui High School. Since she is greatly interested in documentary and film, she has been a member of film club while dreamt of becoming a documentary PD. By her grandmother’s favor living in Yanggu, Gangwon Province, she has had a lot of opportunities to visit Eulji Observatory and underground tunnels. She attempts to judge based on those experiences conveying meanings of peace, life and communication which are DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival’s aims as well.


KIM Ji-hye

KIM is in the second grade of Gajwa High School and wants to be a TV producer in the future. Since her elementary school days, she has felt difficulty as well as excitement while she shot a film and screened it as a member of school broadcasting system. She wants to have an attractive job which is planning and directing TV programs.


KIM Che-eun

KIM is a student of Seohyun High School. With great interests in filmmaking and directing, she works for the school broadcasting system and outside the school she is a member of Seongnam Federation of School Broadcasting System and of production team at Jeongja Youth Training Center. While she has produced and learned about various videos, she began to pay attention to documentary as well.


OH Do-yeong

OH is in second grade of Daesan High School. She dreams of becoming a documentary PD who moves the public with touching and instructive documentaries. She made a media advertising club MAD with friends and has been a member of the club since then and also belongs to Seosan Youth Press Corps.


LEE Su-min

When I was ten, I wanted to be a fish bread seller. The place I went to sold eight breads for one thousand won, I was full with one thousand won’s worth of breads or sometimes I left some. Nowadays, however, three fish breads cost one thousand won and it doesn’t allow me to leave, it makes me even save them. Now, I lost my dream about fish bread. The reason I like it was I ate a lot of it with small amount of money in comparison with fish cakes or Chinese pancakes.

청소년경쟁 예심위원


AHN Seul-ki

AHN Seul-ki is a film director and a high school math teacher. Yet, he tells his student that math is unnecessary and warns them to never dream of being a filmmaker. He directed Five Is Too Many, My Song Is… and How to live on Earth. He also wrote the novel Devil, a filmmaking guidebook Let’s Make a Film at School, and the textbook Film, Broadcasting Production. While teaching at school, he has taught filmmaking for 12 years. Currently, he is filming a documentary which is about seeing his old film students again.

DMZ Docs 프로젝트 심사위원


PARK Ki-hong

Joined SBS in 1991 when it was first established and produced documentaries for 20 years. Currently the head producer of the cultural division at SBS who planned and directed programs such as The Last Capitalism and SBS Special. Major works include I Want to Know It, Cube Story Y, and Seven Days.


AHN Jung-sook

A journalist who worked for newspapers like Hankook Ilbo Seoul Economic Daily and Hankyoreh Newspaper. Served as one of the rst committee members of the Korean Film Council in 1999. Inaugurated as the third chairperson of the Korean Film Council in 2005 and served until March of 2008. Currently the director of Indie Space, a theater exclusively for independent lms, she supports the publicity of movie culture and works to vitalize independent films.


LEE Chang-jae

He joined Q Channel, a documentary cable channel, where he refined his skills as a documentary director. He went abroad to study at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and he directed EDIT, received official invitations from the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Denver International Film Festival and MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight 2004. Currently, he is a professor at the graduate school of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film Chung-ang University (GSAIM).

DMZ Docs 프로젝트 예심위원


KIM Jin-hyuk

KIM Jin-hyuk was a documentary producer for 11 years at EBS since 2002. He has produced several TV documentaries includes Knowledge of the Channel e, Wonderful Science. He is currently a professor at School of Film, TV & Multimedia, Korean National University of Arts.


OH Jung-hun

In 1994, OH Jung-hun started as a documentary filmmaker working for Purn Production. From 2002 to 2010, OH worked as a media instructor in the MEDIACT. While he continues documentary filmmaking, he is also working as a Festival Director of the Seoul Independent DOcumentary Film & Video Festival. His recent films are A New School ? The Hypotenuse Length of the Students’ Rights Isosceles Triangle Is? (2011) and I Wanna Sing (2012).


JANG So-jung

JANG So-jung established Film Dorothy in 2005 after accumulating work experience in the field of film marketing, promoting over 150 films at R&I and Tube Entertainment. She produced the following films; Epitaph (2007) (foundation film of Dorothy Film), the KOFIC-funded project Seventeen, Eighteen (2012), and Miss Conspirator (2012). As she continues to fulfill her duty towards audiences, she is producing numerous films.

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