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8th DMZ Docs(2016)


Total Counts : 145

Women In Sink

Iris Zaki

Symbolic Threats

Mischa Leinkauf,Lutz Henke,Matthias Wermke

Then Then Then

Daniel Schioler

I'll Fly Higher

Isabel Lamberti

A Tale of Love, Madness and Death

Mijael Bustos Gutiérrez

Grace of God

Kristjan Loðmfjörð

Those Who Jump

Abou Bakar Sidibé,Estephan Wagner,Moritz Siebert

A Syrian Love Story

Sean McAllister

When Two Worlds Collide

Heidi Brandenburg,Mathew Orzel

The Man Who Saw Too Much

Trisha Ziff

The Promise

Karin Steinberger,Marcus Vetter

A German Life

Christian Krönes,Florian Weigensamer,Roland Schrotthofer,Olaf Müller

In Pursuit of Silence

Patrick Shen

The Land of the Enlightened

Pieter-Jan De Pue

Depth Two

Ognjen Glavonić

Guamuchil Seeds

Carolina Corral Paredes

Football Brothers

Marcin Filipowicz


Dan Laughton


Jean Christophe Pecheur

The Thoughts that Once We Had

Thom Anderson

Juke - Passages from the Films of Spencer Williams

Thom Anderson

The Song of Rice

Uruphong Raksasad

Ukrainian Sheriffs

Roman Bondarchuk

The Road

Zhang Zanbo


Yann Arthus-Bertrand

In Jackson Heights

Frederick WISEMAN

Every Face Has a Name

Magnus Gertten

Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah

Adam Benzine

Bitter Money

Wang Bing

The Cameraperson

Kirsten Johnson

Skipper Soleiman

Sa'adat ali Saeed Pour

My Leg

Khon Soe Moe Aung

After Spring, the Tamaki Family∙∙∙

Huang Yin-yu

Cities of Sleep

Shaunak Sen

Hooligan Sparrow

Wang Nanfu

My Father, the Last Communist

Doan Hong Le

Red Clothes

Chan Lida

The Last Insurrection

Liao Jian-hua

Traces of an Invisible City

Pan Lu,Bo Wang

Still and All

KIM Youngjo

The Remnants

Kim Il-rhan,Lee Hyuk-sang

The Journey To OKJU

Kim Eung-su


Kangyu Ga-ram

The Nuclear Mafia

Kim Hwan-tae

After Breaking the Silence

Park Bae-il

All Live, Olive

JU Romi,KIM Taeil

Good Bye My Hero

Han Young-hee


Kim Yeong-chong

Mom’s Shabby Box

Heo Yun

Between 9 and 0

Kim Su-min

Shallow Kim

Kim Tae-yeong

We Can Call It Love

Min Ge-o

Adults Only

Cho Han-nah,Ahn Soo-hyeon,Jin Ji-won

An Alley's Story

Kwon Soon-hyeon

A Landscape between Past and Future

Oh Min-wook

B-ing B-ing

IM Cheolmin

Windy Coffee Road

Hyun Jin-sik

Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang

Kim Jeong

The Slice Room

Song Yun-hyeok

No Money, No Future

Lee Dong-woo

The Orchid and the Sword

Lim Gyung-hee

The Part-Time Workers’ Union

Yun Ga-hyun

Seven Years-Journalism without Journalist

Kim Jin-hyuk

Yongwanggung : Memories from Across the Water

Kim Im-man

Becoming Who I Was

Moon Chang-yong,Jeon Jin

Ladies' Lunchtime

Koo Dae-hee

The Artist

Kim Sun-young

The Backward Lands

Tae Jun-seek

One Warm Spring Day

Jeong Su-eun

One Warm Spring Day

Jeong Su-eun

Yellow Wind

Cho Hyun-jun

People are the sky

Dai Sil Kim-Gibson

The Propaganda Game

Álvaro Longoria

The Sky-Blue Symphony -The Story of the Korean Schools in Japan-

Park Yeong-i

Mrs.B., a North Korean Woman

Jero Yun

The Dog

Drea Cooper,Zackary Canepari

Full of Dreams

Marinka de Jongh


Charlotte Thiis-Evensen

Drawing For Better Dreams

Dia Azzeh,May Odeh

Asylum Child. Tefik, When You Fall, You Get Back up Again

Jannik Hastrup

The Living Forest

Marc Silver

Under the Stars I Felt at Home

Anneloor van Heemstra


Sverre Kvamme

Away from Ayah

Amelia Tan​

My Life: I'm a Surrogate

Cody Autterson,Andrew Schneider


Bartek Tryzna

How Ky Turned into Niels

Els van Driel

Alive&Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa

Lara-Ann de Wet

The Special One

Lamin Oo

On Football

Sergio Oksman

The Wrestling Cholita

Harri Grace

Future Baby

Maria Arlamavsky

Presenting Princess Shaw

Ido Haar

Twilight of A Life

Sylvain Biegeleisen

Welcome to My Queer Bookstore

Larry Tung

Poetries from the Bookstores

Hou Chi-jan

Gerhard Richter-Painting

Corinna Belz

The Cat that Lived a Million Times

Kotani Tadasuke

The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories

Daishima Haruhiko,Otsu Koshiro

Fully Awake: Black Mountain College

Cathryn Davis Zommer,Neeley Dawson

Black White+Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe

James Crump

Summer in Narita

Ogawa Shinsuke

Narita: Peasants of the Second Fortress

Ogawa Shinsuke

Narita: Heta Village

Ogawa Shinsuke

Song of the Reed

Wu Hsiu-Ching

The Silence

Park Soo-nam

A Secret Buried for 50 Years: The Story of Taiwanese Comfort Women

Yang Jia-yun

Karayuki-San, the Making of a Prostitute

Imamura Shôhei

Living with the "Memories"

Doi Toshikuni

Okinawa no Harumoni

Yamatani Tetsuo

22(Twenty Two)

Guo Ke

Peasant Revolutionary Dynamics Pepper and Rifle

Maeda Kenji

Undercover Paradise

Choi In-a


Misawa Takuya

The Shadow Player

Bao Manhua

Marching for You, Comrade

TNNUA team


Kim Chan-bin


Song Ji-yeon


Lee Jung-woo

Straight Line

Lee Man-ki

In Gwanghwamoon

Heo Yun

Strange but Good

Jeong I-deun

My Charming Snail

Shin Mi-rae

Giving off

Chang Joon-hyuk

Wake up in Deep Sleep

Sim Hyeon-su

Black Frame

Park Seung-hee

Good Deokhu Bad Deokhu Weird Deokhu

Choi Seung-min

À bientôt

Lim Pyo-jeong

My Dear

Cho Ha-rin


Lim Yoo-jin

About Respect

Park Si-young

In My Jungle

Chang Yoon-suk

Starfish that Want to Become a Star

Beak Yu-jung

My First Documentary

Han Seo-yeong

Pedal of Dialog

Na Yo-han

Power Friends

Park Dae-hyeok

The School and 3 Years

Koo Myeong-jun

Family Holiday until Last Year

Lee Min-seo

Grandpa Geek

Choi Hyun-ji

Drive. Without Brake​

Jang Mi-so

Three, GO

Lee Jun-seop

Five Twenty Four

Bang Na-yeon


Lee Seung-ju


Lee Seul-gi

What's Misogyny

Lee Yoo-shin