DMZ Docs Youth Documentary Production Workshop, an educational program designed to vitalize teenage documentary production, is greeting its 7th year. A total of 30 films have been produced through the collaboration with six local institutions: Goyang Media Center, Gyoha Library, Kwangmyoung Youth Media Center, Bucheon Media Center, Bundang Jeongja Youth Training Center, Suwon Media Center.

Goyang Media Center



정대건 Jung Dae-gun

다큐멘터리 <투 올드 힙합 키드>를 연출했다.


손용택 Son Yong-taek

영상 촬영, 편집과 같은 제작활동을 해왔지만 다른 분야에도 관심이 생겨서 참여하게 되었습니다.



During the workshop, we concentrated on looking for ‘the only story I can speak of’ and ‘my story’ while learning about documentary as an unfamiliar medium. It was not easy to figure out how much I can intervene and what role should a great facilitator take, since every work takes their own personal story. I was worried if they would complete the filming because that’s what I couldn’t do instead of them. I feel magnificently grateful to watch the works with the audience, I and my students made for last two seasons, spring and summer, at this film festival.

I want to thank Seo-an for working hard in shooting and editing which stimulated other friends. Seo-an’s <Daily Bliss> makes the audience feel happy. I want to encourage Sol’s <Going up!> for her courageous self-confession. A future image-editor Hanna who was shy for presenting her shooting sources during the classes made me worry but showed her ability to the full and finished her work <Dreaming of a Dream> at last in which she reflects her friends and herself. We can feel the director’s warm heart for her grandmother in Jung-min’s <Masil>. Mi-jeong worried me for changing her themes many times, but completed at last after twists and turns. Her work <A Pastoral Diary> dealing with the new environment her family encountered. I’d like to give a big hand to all.

I feel proud and grateful to the students who completed their works in the pressure of studies and homework. I hope the workshop gives a good memory to them and an opportunity to see the world differently. (Jung Dae-gun)

Gyoha Library


Lee So-hyun

Lee So-hyun

She had bachelor’s degrees in Film making and a master’s in Film Sound. She provides media education for a diverse target range of groups and she is teaching Documentary and Sound Design at university.

An Hyun-jun

An Hyun-jun

He studies Film making at a university, and he is preparing to make the documentary Mother, Father and Me, which was selected for the Project “Bom” of SIDOF.



We`ve sometimes asked ourselves "Why have we taken a camera in hand?". To record the facts, to remember the past and the present, to tell people the truth, etc., there are lots of reasons for each of us. In DMZ Docs Youth Documentary Production Workshop, the youth take a camera in hand for various reasons and make a documentary with their own stories every year.

This year, the youth had tried to reveal the problems in their life through various subjects. In <Do What I Want to Do>, the director, a college entrance examinee at present, raises some questions about the Korean society that makes the high school senior not do anything else except studying hard.

<Joys and Sorrows of One`s Life> shows how a school girl overcomes an experience that she failed by a single vote in an election to be the president of high school last year.

In <Following the Hayao>, the director talks about his grief concerning his own dream. He could not keep going with persistence in every matter since he was young, that`s why he chose to take a camera. Now he is searching out his own dream.

The director in <Sung-ik, Let`s Study> started making a documentary by worries about his younger brother playing game every day. She tries to seek a solution to the problem, recording the stories of the younger brother, her family and her own with a camera.

In <Sisters in a Room>, the director tells a story that she often quarrels with her twin sister, when they live together in a single room. She took a camera to resolve their conflicts and come to know what they didn`t know regarding each other.

They were conscious of the various problems in their life and took a camera in hand, in order to find the solution. I want to applaud them for their courage in trying to recognizing the problems of their life and in frankly revealing them. [An Hyun-jun]