1. Ticket & Venue

Ticket Type Price Theater
Opening Ceremony Invitation only Camp Greaves
Closing Ceremony Free, First-come-first-served Megabox Baekseok Comfort 4
General Screening 5,000 won Megabox Baekseok·Pajubookcity
Free Screening Free, First-come-first-served Gimpo Arts Hall

Yeoncheon Sureul Art Hall

2. Purchase & Reservation

Venue On-line Reservation On-site Box Office
Period Reservation Payment Period Reservation Payment


September 11 (MON) –

September 28 (THU)

www.megabox.co.kr or Megabox

mobile App.

Credit/debit  card, mobile payment September 22 (FRI) –

September 28(THU) (09:30-


On-site box office at Megabox


Credit/debit  card, cash, Exchange Ticket,




September 11 (MON) –

September 26 (TUE)

September22 (FRI) –

September 26 (TUE)



On-site box office at

Megabox Pajubookcity

∙ On-line Reservation is available until 30 minutes before the screening starts.

On-site ticket purchase is available until 5 minutes before the screening starts.

∙ Tickets booked on-line can be picked up at the Box office with your reservation number. (SMS or Mobile Reservation page)

∙ Tickets can be purchased and reserved from ticket vending machines (Kiosk)

∙ For on-line reservation, through checking the mobile ticket, ‘admittance’ without ticket issued is available

Venue Phone Reservation On-site Box Office
Period Reservation Payment Period Reservation Payment
Gimpo Arts Hall September 11 (MON)~ September 20 (WED) Gimpo City Hall Tel. 031-980-2481



∙Tickets can be picked up at the Box office until 20 minutes before the screeing start

September 25 (MON)

September 26 (TUE)

September 28 (THU)


∙Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis from 20 minutes the screening starts.



Yeoncheon Sureul Art Hall Yeoncheon Country Office

Tel. 031-839-2062


September 24 (SUN)
∙ On-site ticket purchase is only possible in a cinema that screened.

3. ID card Information

Period September 22 (FRI) – September 28 (THU) (Only on-site ticket purchase is available)
Venue Megabox Baekseok • Pajubookcity box office
Period of receipt September 22 (FRI) – September 27 (WED)
Place of receipt Megabox Baekseok 6th DMZ Square Guest Lounge
Remarks • Tickets can be issued for a total of four times a day, one per ticket

• On-site ticketing for the same day and the next day is possible.

• Ticket transfer and duplicate ticketing not allowed

• Only available at the theater

4. Group Reservation

Period September 11 (MON) – September 27 (WED)
Reservation Available for minimum of 10 persons.

Reservation is only allowed until 6pm the day before screening date.

payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card on www.dmzdocs.com
Cancellation Only allowed until 6pm the day before screening date.
Remarks ∙ General screenings are available except Opening, Closing and sold-out films.

∙ 2,500 won for adult / 1,000 won for up to 19 years of age / 2,000won for university∙college student with a valid ID

∙ If you want a group reservation, please contact the office. (Tel. 032-936-7386)

5. Discount

Target Price Description
Goyang·Paju citizens 2,500 won Discount for Goyang·Paju citizens with a valid ID
Hana members 2,500 won During the festival. Hana members is available
KEB Hana Card 2,500 won During the festival. Possible to have a credit card.
Youth 2,500 won 50% discount for youth under 19 years old.
Disabled people &

Men of national merit

2,500 won Persons with valid ID
Military 1,000 won Accompanied 1 person at a discount rate
Senior Free Over 65 years old with a valid ID
Exchange Ticket Free ∙ Available only for the General Screening

∙ Ticket to be exchanged only for the General Screening

∙Checking the Expiry date is advisable on the other side of the ticket.

(September 22 (FRI) – 28 (THU) )

*No reservation to online

Aid association

‘Docu bogo’

10,000 won ID card issuance (Top, ID card guide reference)

※ Discount will be given only when valid ID card or other official document is presented.

※ Discount will be given only at on-site box office. (No application to online reservation)

※ Children under 48 months of age can enter the theater only when accompanied by a guardian.

※ Discounts can not be duplicated


6. Cancellation & Refund

On-line Reservation On-site Box Office
Penalty No penalty is charged for cancellation.
Cancellation Limit Until 20 minutes before the screening start Before the screening starts

※ Cancellation is not available after the screening start

※ Partial cancellation or refund is not available. To cancel 1 ticket among 3 booked tickets for 1 screening, you should cancel all 3 tickets and book another 1 ticket. (Except cash payment)

※ Issued by Exchange Ticket cannot be cancelled. Exchange only.

※ If the screening is cancelled or rescheduled by the DMZ Docs, 100% refund will be made to ticket

holders at on-site box office.

※ Some information of DMZ Docs ticket is different from that of Megabox movie ticket. Please check the information on www.dmzdocs.com


7. Attentions

  • All audiences must have a ticket to enter the theater and see the screening. (You cannot enter the theater with only ID card or Exchange Ticket.)
  • Tickets can be used only for designated screening and date.
  • Admission is allowed 10 minutes after the screening begins. The availability of seats is not guaranteed after the screening begins.
  • Admission may be restricted according to the screening rating.
  • Photography or video recordings are not allowed in the theater.
  • Tickets cannot be reissued. Please be careful not to misplace or damage your tickets.