A program to explores the aesthetics, philosophy of documentary different from those of fiction and its contemporary tendencies and theories, it will be especially interesting for cinephiles, critics, researchers and documentary directors.


1. Special Focus 1: Hostile Other in Front of Camera, Hors-champ of Memories

Regarding the films presented in the section ‘Special Focus 1’, Jean-Michel Frodon, a former editor of Cahiers du Cinéma, analyzes what special mechanisms work for the audience to accept the direct narrative of the historical perpetrators unfolded in the documentary, unlike other art media. The program will be a chance to look in a direction of the documentary while understanding the specifics of the documentary and the troubles of the documentary directors, through this difficult theme ‘Hostile Other in front of camera, Hors-champ of memories’ involving the issue of ethics and spectatorship.

  • Title          Front, Back, Profile, in the Shadow: Images of the Enemy, To Do and Undo
  • Date
    Sep 18 (Tue) 19:30
  • Venue
    Megabox Baekseok 7
  • Lecturer
    Jean-Michel FRODON (Film Critic)

2. Special Focus 2: Documentary’s Various Experiments in the Form, How Far Could Its Range be Extended?

The documentary has extended its range by actively accepting new media and experimenting with new expression styles. Focusing on the films presented in the section ‘Special Focus 2’, the lecture introduces and analyzes the extensibility of documentary aesthetics: including animated documentary, CCTV-based documentary, VR documentary, and utilization of multi-screen.

  • Title          Post-Documentary Image’s Testimony
  • Date
     Sep 19 (Wed) 19:30
  • Venue
    Megabox Baekseok 2
  • Lecturer
    CHO Hyeyoung (Programmer, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival)