Seon young KANG | S.Y.comad | CEO

She is managing SYcomad Co., Ltd. which has been a distributor for both of various Korean and foreign arthouse & independent films. Among over 90 titles have been distributed and represented by SYcomad, the recent titles include Myeoneuri: My Son’s Crazy Wife(2017, documentary), Journey to My Boy(2016), Autumn Sonata(2015), Mountains May Depart( 2015), 24 City(2008). SYcomad has been a main distributor for most of Chinese auteur Jia Zhang-Ke’s titles in Korea, and his latest <Ash Is Purest White (江湖兒女)> as well. She is currently in producing of Korean title named <The Loan of Happiness (tentative)>.

Il-kwon KIM | CinemaDAL | President

KIM Il-kwon is a film producer and the president of CinemaDAL, a production and distribution company established in 2008, dedicated to independent documentary films. He produced <Annyong, Sayonara>(2004) and <Tour of Duty>(2013) as well as more than 20 documentary and feature films. He was a jury member of Busan International Film Festival and Jeonju International Film Festival, also teaching in Korea National University of Arts Film School.

Kyungsoo HAN | Documentary Filmmaker

Since Han Kyungsoo started working on documentaries in 1999, he had mostly made documentaries shown on television such as <EBS Docu Prime>, <MBC Special> etc. Recently he has concentrated on the international co-production of the documentary films and on the production of feature-length theatrical documentaries, and participated in the production of My Love, Don’t Cross That River (2014, Jin Mo-yeong), With or Without You (2105, Park Hyeok-ji), and Hide Behind the Sun (2016, Lee Changjun).