‘The DMZ Docs Fund’ will award 350 million Korean won to about 20 documentary projects finally selected for their production or release. The Fund Program is divided into two categories, ‘Funds for Production’ (18 projects) and ‘Funds for Release’ (2 projects).

‘Funds for Production’ is distributed to Korean or Asian feature-length documentary (10 projects), DMZ Documentary Project (2 projects) and New Directors‘ Documentary Project (5 projects), a total of 290 million Korean won will be provided to the best projects selected from the entries submitted. In addition, ‘Funds for Production’ supports an omnibus documentary for Asian Docs Co-production Network through the agreement with the young documentarists from four countries in Asia.

‘Fund for Release’ is a program to support the theater screening for the feature-length documentaries that can solve real difficulties in releasing at the theaters and connect with a wider audience. Among the Korean feature-length documentaries(minimum of 60min) officially invited in the 9th DMZ Docs and preparing for the release at theaters in the first half of 2018, 2 films selected will be supported with a total of 40 million won.

This year for ‘Funds for Production’, a total of 159 projects submitted applications, including 87 from Korea and 72 from Asia. And a total of 21 projects that passed the preliminaries were qualified for the Public Presentation. And the 17 projects for the Funds will be selected through the Public Presentation event during the Festival. The Public Presentation will be a chance to share situations and conditions of documentary projects in production or in the planning stage and to take professional advice or listen to opinion of future audience.

A feature of the DMZ Docs Funds is the support program for the new directors who relatively have difficulty with receiving the funding for production and completing the films. It will provide a total of 50 million won to 5 projects through funding for New Directors‘ Documentary Project.

In addition, ’Daemyung Culture Wave Fund’ will be awarded to one of the Korean projects for the production or the theatrical release.

Category Details Qualifications for Documentary funds Number of Selected project Benefit of Selected project
Funds for Production Feature-Length
Documentary Projects
  • Korean or Asian feature-length documentary (minimum of 60min)
  • Documentary projects suggested by directors/producers with Korean or Asian nationality
10 projects A total of 200 million won
DMZ Documentary Project
  • Documentary projects suggested by directors/producers with Korean or Asian nationality
  • Documentary projects (minimum of 60min) about dispute, union or ‘DMZ’
2 projects A total of 40 million won
New Directors‘Documentary Project Project of Korean or Asian documentary director who produced 1 or no feature length documentary before 5 projects A total of 50 million won
Asian Docs Co-production Network Co-production project through agreement with selected institutes in Taiwan, Japan, China and Korea 1 project A total of 20 million won
Docedge Kolkata Award Projects the Public Presentation of the DMZ Docs Fund 2017 1 project Badge and accommodation to participate in the Pitching Forum at Docedge 2018
Funds for Release DMZ Documentary Release Funds Among official feature films screening at the 9th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival which films preparing to release at theaters or community screening in the first half 2018 2 projects A total of 40 million won
Daemyung Culture wave Award Korean feature-length documentary (minimum of 60min) aiming at opening in theaters which Daemyung Culture Factory is going to choose directly 1 project A total of 10 million won