Overall Review of DMZ Docs Fund

It is a great privilege to meet the works of Asian documentarists, especially when they are still in the earlier stage of the production. We watched them holding their cameras to document, intervene, and represent the reality, and we acknowledged their full awareness on the political issues and historical responsibility in Asia, as well as the delicate views on the human existence.

Among the many works of Asian countries, Korean documentaries seemed to have the most diverse themes and forms along with the fresh approaches to the topics, showing many different possibilities that documentaries could have. The documentaries of other Asian countries have ‘courage’ to speak out important political remarks with risks and ‘subtlety’ to care about the people in marginal situations. They are the works that help people to exist in the world although they are ignored by society.

We had a long discussion and experienced a hard time once again to select the works that we want to support. We exchanged views on many aspects of production preparation, feasibility, artistic value, social meaning, and communication, and made a difficult decision.

We want to convey our excitement to the directors of selected films, how thrilled we are to meet them at the next DMZ Docs. And we also would like to give the message of encouragement to the directors who are not selected.

Finally, I hope that the DMZ Docs Fund will continue to contribute to the development of Asian documentaries and become a substantial network of Asian directors.

  • Feature-length Documentary Projects

No Title Director Nationality Amount of Grant(KRW)
1 The Birth of Resonance LEE Jeongjun Korean 30,000,000
2 Burning Flower WON Ho-yeon Korean 20,000,000
3 A Cellist Coming to Earth PARK Hyuckjee Korean 20,000,000
4 A Long Way Gone KIM Jung-in Korean 20,000,000
5 Kabul Dystopian Symphony Aboozar AMINI Afgan 30,000,000
6 Death and Song in the Time of Digong Ditsi CAROLINO Filipino 20,000,000
7 A Man Without a Country Debanjan SENGUPTA Indian 20,000,000
8 The Secret Ancestral Village Torsha BANERJEE Indian 20,000,000
9 Smog Director HAN Meng, Vincent DU Chinese 20,000,000


  • DMZ Documentary Project

No Title Director Nationality Amount of Grant(KRW)
1 Let’s Peace PARK Sohyun Korean 20,000,000
2 Mother, Youngsoon LEE Chang Jun Korean 20,000,000


  • New Directors Documentary Project

No Title Director Nationality Amount of Grant(KRW)
1 Boy’s Room KIM Jayang Korean 10,000,000
2 A Cucumberphobic’s Radical Will LEE Byungki Korean 10,000,000
3 UNKNOWN LEE Somyi Korean 10,000,000
4 House in Pieces Jean Claire DY,
Manuel Domes
Filipino/German 10,000,000
5 LEFT-Where I am- HAYASHI Ryuta Japanese 10,000,000
  • RCCZ(Reconciliation and Coexistence in Contact Zones) Awards

No Title Director Nationality Amount of Grant(KRW)
1 Shadow Flowers YI Seungjun Korean 10,000,000
2 Let’s Peace PARK Sohyun Korean 10,000,000


  • Docedge Kolkata Award(Providing attendance of Docedge Kolkata and air ticket )

No Title Director Nationality Benefits
1 A Mother, Youngsoon LEE Changjun Korean Providing attendance of Docedge Kolkata and air ticket

Overall Review of Fund for Release

There were six candidates for the Fund for Release section of DMZ Docs this year. Those documentaries were with various themes and forms, and we had many in-depth discussions during the screening process. We are very grateful for having the opportunity to meet the various works from experimental documentaries to the documentaries containing the pains of our time. We want to convey our gratitude to the staff of the documentaries, as they enriched the experience of the judging process. During the process, we confirmed the recent trends of how documentaries encounter with the audience, discussed the distribution process for documentaries, and exchanged views on the different opportunities and public impacts that can be newly added. We agreed to select <Garden, Zoological> and <Coming to You, Minu>; they are the works with the exceptional quality and cinematic attitude that can communicate with the audiences at the theater. Through this supporting project, we will contemplate with the audience with the hope for more opportunities for the documentary distribution and the expectation to meet the more documentary audience.

  • Fund for Release

No Title Director Nationality Amount of Grant(KRW)
1 Garden, Zoological WANG Minchul Korean 20,000,000
2 Coming to You, Minu JI Hyewon Korean 20,000,000