Asian Docs Co-production Network Project which featured its first production ‘I’m Asian’ last year will be launching the 2nd project this year. 5 schools from 4 countries including Korean National University of Arts, Yongin University, Japan Institute of Moving Image, Tainan National University of Arts, Yunnan Arts University, China will be participating and producing 5 omnibus documentaries. This project which is based on the theme of ‘Trans-history and Asia’, will last two years with workshops in Korea and Taiwan and will be screened in the 10th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival in September 2018 after having rough-cut screening at TIDF in May next year. During the 9th DMZ Docs Film festival, a workshop will be held in four days with a public presentation as a final event.

Participating Schools and Faculty


JIMI (The Japan Institute of the Moving Image)

The first and the only university in Japan specializing in cinema. Founded in 1975 by the film director IMAMURA Shohei who is the only Japanese director to win two Palm d’Or awards. Many graduates contribute in Japanese TV and film industry.

Yasuoka Takaharu


TNNUA (Tainan National University of the Arts)

Graduate Institute of Studies in Documentary & Film Archiving from Tainan National University of the Arts is Taiwan’s first and only academic institution offering documentary production & film archiving training within a MFA & MA program respectively.

Wuo Young-Ie
Tsai Chin-Tong


Yunnan Arts University 雲南藝術學院

Founded in 1959, is a comprehensive art university with distinctive characteristics in Southwest China that makes it one of the eight most famous and representative arts universities in China. A great number of prominent artists gather at YAU and have cultivated countless arts students for our society, including arts talents from unique local ethnic minorities. It is commonly accepted that YAU has been devoting efforts of influence and importance to the diversity and prosperity of arts and creative culture of southwest China.

Li Xin


K’Arts (Korea National University of Arts)

Department of Broadcasting in Korea National University of Arts wants to build the creators who take an experimental approach and make unique contents. The Department provides students with top-class faculty members, facility and equipment to help them become creative leaders and pioneers. To this end, the curriculum provides TV production programs, whose setting are very close to that of actual TV production, along with complementary theoretic courses.

Kim Jin-Hyuk

Yong In University

Since established in 1953, Yong In University has tried to educate the students of talent, with the vision of the small but strong university ‘developing dream and realizing dream’. The Department of Film in College of Arts and Culture has supported the future cineastes and guided them to be more creative and forward-looking, through the education system based on professional practice and production.

Wook Steven HEO
Jisu Klaire YOO

Documentary Festival
TIDF (Taiwan International Documentary Festival)

Founded in 1998, based under Taiwan Film Institute, Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) is one of the major professional platforms for documentaries in Asia. Is looks for documentaries that are most creative, closely connected to social and human interests and have unique points of view.

TIDF Programmer
Fan Wu