Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
Governor of Gyeonggi Province | LEE Jaemyeong

Welcome cineastes and audiences to DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. I am the Chairman of the organizing committee, Lee Jaemyeong.
I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the people preparing for the Film Festival, including Hong Hyungsook, the festival director, the staff members and the volunteers. The DMZ, where the Festival is held, is a special place with a unique symbol and meaning the Koreans. Now that the era of peace and prosperity is built on the Korean peninsula, the DMZ is reborn from the scene of war and antagonism to the symbol of world peace. I am delighted to be with you at this important time.

On the Way to Wagnat village (Jammu Kashmir, India, 2013) by the poet Park Nohae, which is selected as the poster of the 10th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, describes the life of an elderly man who has planted trees for 30 years in the wasteland of Kashmir, the troubled area among India, Pakistan and China. The author sends us a touching message that “life can be trivial but great when lived to the fullest till the end of time.” The changes in the world do not happen suddenly. Small practices can be gathered and piled up all over the world to make changes. As such, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival is a festival for those who dream of new changes in the world through steady documentary production.

I believe in the power of documentary that records the facts realistically, raises awareness of the issue, and play an important role in public opinion. Documentary is particularly meaningful since it can help raising public awareness with a critical eye.
Gyeonggi Province will faithfully support the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival under the principle of ‘support but not interference’, considering the characteristics of the documentary genre. We will strongly support the festival to ensure its autonomy and responsibility, so that great documentary films could be more made and get international recognition.

The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, which has delivered a message of peace all over the world for the past 10 years, is now taking a new leap forward. I believe that the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, one of the most renowned documentary film festivals in Asia, has been able to overcome the limitations of the genre of documentary and to become an important international film festival in Korea thanks to the effort and cooperation of the cineastes and the audience. I appreciate your continued interest and affection.
We hope the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival will be loved by more audiences and grow into a world-class documentary film festival, with more than 13 million citizens of Gyeonggi-do.
Thank you.



Festival Director | HONG Hyungsook

In 2018, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary.
It would be a good time to pause for a moment, take a breath, and start the Vision 2.0 for the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. The new DMZ International Documentary Film Festival will be focusing on the topics ‘NEXT’ and ‘SOARING’. It will predict the near future ‘NEXT’ and prepare sturdy wings to be ‘Soaring’ without hesitation.

‘Peace, communication, life. It is the slogan that DMZ International Documentary Film Festival has been keeping up to now since it began ten years ago. The value of the three keywords in the slogan has become more important than ever. The new DMZ International Documentary Film Festival does want to be a strong cultural foundation for the peace, and it will focus on the identity and symbolism of the DMZ more than before.
We will carefully examine and run the projects, including the youth film camp of the North and South Korea and the co-production of documentary films on the DMZ ecosystem and historical heritage. We will work closely with the government departments, Gyeonggi Province, the Korean Film Commission, the Inter-Korean Exchange Committee and other film festivals to carry forward the project plans.

On the other hand, we are trying to make the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival the center of the trend of Asian documentary. Firstly, we will do our best to build a virtuous circle system not only for the production support of Korean documentary but also for its screening and distribution. And we will also concentrate on linking with various video platforms and creating a close network with the documentary film festivals at home and abroad.

Secondly, the new DMZ International Documentary Festival will be devoted to the essence of the film festival. The film festival is a festival venue that cineastes and audiences make together through the medium of film. Therefore, we will listen to cineastes and audiences and communicate with them. Based on their voice, we will restructure the Film Festival’s Organization System to embody its attributes. To this end, we organize and operate ‘DMZ International Documentary Film Festival Vision TF’ and we will also hold a forum on the theme of ‘DMZ Docs: Issue and Vision’ with filmmakers, festival administrators, and video-related policy specialists during the festival.

Finally, we will make the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival a ‘cultural base’ of which cineastes, audiences and citizens of Gyeonggi Province can be proud, and try to make the Film Festival lead to a meaningful event in everyday life after the 8-day Film Festival. We are reorganizing the documentary screening and educational projects in which we have been cooperating with related organizations in Gyeonggi Province, and we are devising the methods of operation in various aspects.

Now, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival begins its journey towards the new decade. We will prepare the young, courageous ‘NEXT’, and will freely be ‘SOARING’ without any hesitation. We hope you will accompany us to make the Film Festival a meaningful and beautiful journey. I would like to thank all the documentary filmmakers and audiences who visit the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival.