International Competition


A professor and a film critic. She has worked as a programmar for EBS International Documentary Festival, as well as serving as a judge for various international film festivals. Books that she has co-authored include Korean Films Between Liberation and the Korean War, The Present Day of Korean Documentaries.

RHEE Souewon

After studying film aesthetics in France, she has been a programmer in charge of selecting films from abroad at Busan International Film Festival for 10 years and participated in judges and panels at Locarno International Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival and Malatya Film Festival. Currently, she is a professor at Gyeonggi University.

Hwang Miyojo

She teaches video theory at Korean National University of Arts. She studied film theory, cultural studies, East Asian studies, and comparative literature at KOFIC in Seoul, CSCS in India, and graduate school of Columbia, New York. She studies female reappearance and gender audience phenomenon observed in Asian films with interest.

LEE Yongcheol

He graduated from the business administration department of Yonsei University and had run serially the articles on cinema in Cine 21, Chosun Ilbo, Joongang Ilbo, and Seoul Newspaper. He mainly works with Cine 21, Seoul Art Cinema, Extreme Movie, and writes for the journals of Koreane Film Commission, Korean Film Archive, and the Korean Air.

Asian Competition

LEE Dohoon

He studied film and cultural studies. He wrote several papers such as Space Reconstruction and Lack of Affection, Anthony Mann’s Sur-Western Movies and the Decline of Western Movies, Korean Independent Films and the Poverty Issue, and Thinking Film, Essay Film. Currently, he is an editorial member of Okulo, a film criticism magazine.

CHAI Heesook

After studying philosophy, she is currently studying film studies at the graduate school and also in charge of the criticism section of Korean Independent Film Society. She wrote two thesis including Genealogy of Violence image and Vitality image in Korean society, and co-translated the essays selection Capital’s communism, Our communism.

Korean Competition

BYUN Sungchan

He has been doing film writing since he nominated for the critic award of Cine21 in 2002. He has associated with Independent Film as a programmer of Indie forum since 2008 and as a member of the executive committee of Seoul Independent Documentary film & Video Festival since 2009.


She received her MA at the Goldsmiths, University of London in documentary theory and production. She has been working as programmer at film festivals such as the EBS International Documentary Festival, the Green Film Festival in Seoul and the Seoul International New Media Festival since 2012.

Youth Competition

AHN Seulki

“A film director and a high school math teacher. He directed Under the Sun(2015), How to live on Earth(2008), My Song Is…(2007), and Five Is Too Many(2005). He also wrote the novel 『Devil』, a lmmaking guidebook 『Let’s Make a Film at School』, and the textbook Film, 『Broadcasting Production』.”