International Competition

Anna Har

Anna Har is the festival director of the FreedomFilmFest, an international human rights film festival based in Malaysia. She is the head of Freedom Film Network, an organisation that promotes and supports social filmmaking. Anna studied broadcasting and visual anthropology and has been working in the field of human rights and films for about 20 years. She is also an award winning director and producer of numerous TV programmes and continues to work under her own production companys, Big Pictures Production.

Martin Guotte

Martin Goutte is teacher and researcher in Film Studies at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 (France), member of the Institute for Research on Film and Broadcasting (IRCAV). His work concerns mainly non-fiction films and relations between history and film, more specifically the uses and forms of documentary testimonies, the question of genres in non-fiction and the representation of politics in film. He has co-edited the book Cinémas en campagne. De la chronique électorale à la fiction politique (with Jacques Gerstenkorn, 2012).

Song Il-gon

Song Il-gon was born in Seoul on January 1, 1971. He attended the National Academy of Film in Łódź, Poland. He directed short-film, Liver and Potato(1998). Song became the first Korean to win the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival with his short film Picnic(1999). Then he made feature films such as Flower Island(2001), Spider Forest(2004), Feathers in the wind(2004), and The Magicians(2005). In 2009 Song turned to documentaries, telling the story of the Korean diaspora in Cuba in his Dance of Time(2009). He shot the documentary Forest of Time(2012) in Yakushima, Japan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Always(2001) which is a love story opened the 2011 Busan IFF.

Asian Competition

Aleksandra Minkiewicz

Aleksandra Minkiewicz joined Yangon Film School as Country Director in 2016 with over a decade of experience of working on a wide range of peacebuilding and social cohesion programmes in countries such as Cambodia, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Myanmar. She holds degrees in social science and cross-cultural relations from universities in Spain, Poland and Germany. Since 2012 Aleksandra has been actively engaged in support of independent journalists and filmmakers working in different states of Myanmar, representing different beliefs and ethnicities.

John Torres

“John Torres is an independent film director, producer, writer, and musician from Manila.
He has made four feature films and over a dozen short films. To date, four retrospectives of his films have been shown: 12th Seoul International NewMedia Festival in 2012, Vienna International Film Festival in 2013, the 4th Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Cosquin in Argentina in 2014, and ‘A Child Outside: Retrospective to John Torres’, organized by the The Reading Room and Filmvirus, supported by The Japan Foundation, Bangkok.”

Kwon Eun-sun

Kwon Eun-sun is a Professor of Deperrtment of Theather and Film at Joongbu University. She’s began her career as a film critic at the film magazine Cine21 in 1999 and received a Ph.D in film Arts from the graduate school of Chung-ang University in 2010. She was also a chief programmer at Seoul Women’s International Film Festival and currently is being a deputy director at the same festival.

Korean Competition

Huh Moon-young

Huh Moonyung is well known for his critiques that maintain a deep contemplation and elegant style. Serving as the reporter for Monthly Joongang, the chief editor of CINE21, and Busan international Film Festival programmer, he has also been working as the Busan Cinema Center program director.

Lee Young

Lee Young founded a documentary filmmaking group WOM Docs in 2001. Since then she has worked on documentary filmmaking, filmmaking education, and media policy. All of her films aroused great resonance by discovering new issues and stories of invisible subjects in the unique ways. She is exploring the documentary style of composing social events with individuals’ daily lives through the film Troublers. Troublers earned Special Jury Award at DMZ International Documentary Film Festival and Best Documentary Award at Women in Film Korea Awards 2016.

Shane Smith

Shane Smith is Director of Programming at Hot Docs, North America’s largest Festival and Market for documentary film. Smith previously worked at the Toronto International Film Festival as director of Special Projects. Prior to TIFF he was Executive Producer, Director CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Short Film Programmer for Sundance Film Festival, Programmer for Inside Out LGBT Film Festival.

Youth Competition

Cailyn Yong

“Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem. Here’s to the hearts that ache; here’s to the mess we make.”-La La Land. As a judge for this year’s film festival, I am very much looking forward to everyone’s passionate films. I do hope this festival will be a chance for you to make your dreams into reality.

Cho Phil-beom

People see movies in their own way. The best way to appreciate your work is to be honest with your emotions. When the film arouses sympathy, respond to your language. Our mutual sympathy is different, but we will respect it. And when we talk to each other, we find common ground. I think it’s the pleasure of the movie.

Lee Su-yeon

I, a nineteen-year-old high school senior who looks back on my youth as I reach the end of teenage life, begin preparing for life in my 20s. I believe in the power of documentary as “a window to the world” and dream of solving the prejudice and discrimination that are still prevalent around the world.

Shin Min-jeong

I am an active student of Juseong High School in Cheongju with a great interest in film and play. After learning about the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival through a respected acquaintance, I fell in love with documentary. I have since joined the festival each year, presented portfolios of my activities, and introduced the festival to other students at my school.

Shin Soo-bin

I am a future documentary director, photographer, traveler, and fashion magazine editor. I am a high school student who wants to live a free life without regrets. My first dream is to make a documentary that can make ordinary people special.

Special Award

Jeon Kyu-hwan

He won the awards at the leading film festivals in the world, with his ‘Town trilogy’ of Mozart Town (2008) that is his debut feature film, Animal Town (2009), Dance Town (2010). And his Dance Town (2010) and From Seoul to Varanasi (2011) has been invited to the Berlin International Film Festival. The Weight (2012) won the Queer Lion prize at Venice Film Festival, the director award at the Goa International Festival, Best Director award at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, and so on.

Kim Sang-hwa

He is the director of the Busan International Kids and Youth film festival(BIKY) and a committee member at the Busan International film festival. He operates the different projects and lecture programs in the field of Art and Culture, as a co-director in ‘People playing’, and also he is leading an active life as a film producer and a jury member of several film festivals at home and abroad.

Cho Jin-hwa

The director of RealCom, the executive director of cooperative union ‘Cinecoop’ and the director of the cooperative union association in Goyang, she has run various program projects and lectures of media education since 2004, and co-authored the book Media Education issues and its future strategy. Actually, she is a committee member at DMZ Docs.