Marking the 11th anniversary this year, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs) has been all set for a major reshuffle into a funding initiative, DMZ Docs Fund. With the infusion of renewed funds and in-kind support of up to 140 million won(approx 1.2 million USD), the program will provide expanded support towards the selected 20 documentary works throughout the entire film making process, from development to pre-production, production, even to theatrical release.

For the first time, DMZ Docs will see a 5 million won(approx 4,000 USD) pre-production fund provided to each of 10 promising Korean/Asian projects. There will also be the production subsidy worth a total of 60 million won(approx 50,000 USD) for up to 3 DMZ projects under the theme of what the DMZ Docs strives to pursue. Once selected, DMZ Projects will be invited to public pitching, biz meeting and pre-workshop organized by DMZ Industry. Up to 4 Korean documentary projects in the stage of post-production will be beneficiaries of a total of 60 million won (approx 50,000 USD) worth of in kinds support, including DI, Sound, DCP. Even more will be on the list of additional supports after the festival ends.

DMZ Industry fully recognize the difficulties for documentary films until they are released in the theater, thereby introducing the release/distribution support fund that will initially target some of the officially invited Korean feature documentary in the 11th DMZ Docs, details will be released later.

Stage Eligibility Number Cash Grants/
In-kind support
Development • Feature Documentary project in development/Pre-production stage aiming at theatrical releasing and TV broadcasting.
• Documentary projects by Korean/Asian directors or producers. (incl. overseas Koreans)
10 Approx 4,000 USD/ per project
DMZ Project • Documentary projects by Korean/Asian directors or producers. (incl. overseas Koreans)
• Documentary projects between 30% production stage and up to 70 % completed of the production process
• The main subject must be related to the themes that DMZ pursues. (ex. Peace, Communication or Life)
• The documentary must be completed by 8, 2020.
• Korean/Asian Premiere at the DMZ Docs required
2-3 Approx 20,000~30,000 USD/ per project
Post-production • Officially invited film from the 11th DMZ Docs
• Documentary projects by Korean directors/producers
(incl. overseas Koreans)
• KOREAN documentary project in post production
4 In-kind support
(DI, Sound, DCP)
Distribution • KOREAN documentary project in the final stage of completion
• Officially invited film from the 11th DMZ Docs
• Have a plan to theatrical release in the first half of 2020