Dreaming of the future of documentaries which take deep root,
by Poet Park, Nohae was selected.

Park, Nohae
Poet, photographer, and peace activist

  • Birth
    Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do in 1957
  • Educational background
    Sunrin Internet High School
  • Debut
    Started his literary career with ‘An assistant’s dream’ through Poems and Economy in 1983
  • Awards
    Human rights award Poet Club Poetry International Rotterdam Foundation in 1992
  • Career
    2000~ Executive director of Sharing culture
Poet Park, Nohae was the name of the hot symbol which passes through 1980s and voice to speak for laborers with the announcement of < The Dawn of Labor (1984) > which has remained an immortal classic in Korean literature. In the <Only men are hope (1997)> written by him during his prison life of 7 years and 6 months, he sang a song of hope, ‘Only myself, Because I exist, and I first do’. After that, he established ‘Sharing Culture’ the nonprofit organization which aims at life, peace, and sharing, seeks and practices culture for beautiful resistance and alternatives of life and has taken black and white pictures looking for troubled regions for the last 20 years.

<On the way to Wagnat village, Jammu Kashmir, India, 2013 > by Park, Nohae selected as the official poster picture of the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival is the monumental work with the special meaning of the film festival which has marked the 10th anniversary in that it again draws our attention to the practical value for peace and life and problems of troubled regions shown through the poet’s life.

< On the way to Wagnat village > (Jammu Kashmir, 2013) is the picture taken in Kashmir, the acute troubled region of the borders of India, China, and Pakistan. An old man in the picture has planted trees in the wasteland for 30 years. A thousand trees have survived in the cold wind from an a-thousand-year-old mountain covered with snow after “half of the trees did not come into bud, half of the trees lost plant, and fewer trees among them grew like a miracle”. People are moved by the old man who has planted trees silently saying, “If trees put down roots, flowers will come out, the trees will be in fruit, and some day good times will come.”

Poet Park Nohae says, “We are doing not great things but small things with great love. We continue to do small things to the end. This is the greatest way of life that I know.”

Now, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival sets up a milestone of 10 years. It tries to take a small but steady step for another 10 years. This picture is selected hoping that small seedlings planted in barren Korean documentary production environment put down unmoved roots and will grow as trees with a lot of green leaves which drive documentary growth of the future.


The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival which began as the professional documentary film festival in 2009 has marked the 10th anniversary. The trailer of the 10th film festival looks back on the 9 trailers that became the faces of the film festivals for the last 9 years. The back of a boy who watches a trailer of the 1st film festival grows to be a young man as 9 trailers pass. Hope of another 10 years that the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival will open is found from the powerful steps that he takes dreaming of a documentary director and carrying a camera.