Become a member of DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, which is growing into the largest documentary film festival in Asia.
Present Sponsor member ID card up to 4 movies per day, invite to ‘Sponsorship Night’ with full of gifts!
Even after the film festival, benefits for DMZ Docs Family will continue!

Division Supporting mony Benefits
Before the opening(early bird) After the opening
D-PASS 10,000 won 20,000 won 1. ID card issuance(4 movies per day)

2. Ticket catalog/souvenir presentation

3. Annual screening invitation

4. Invitation of Sponsorship night

5. 1 americano of the film festival cafe(operated during the film festival)

M-PASS lump-sum payment 50,000 won 60,000 won 1. D-PASS benefits included
2. Invitation to the official event3. 30% discount on souvenirs4. 2 coupons for tickets presentation
Installment 5000 won per month(12 times a year) 6000 won per month(12 times a year)
Z-PASS lump-sum payment 100,000 won 120,000 won 1. D-PASS benefits included
2. Invitation to the official event3. 50% discount on souvenirs4. 5 coupons for tickets presentation
Installment 10,000 won per month(12 times a year) 12,000 won per monty(12 times a year)


How to join

supporting → complete application form → payment of supporting money → completion of application


How to pay

deposit without a bank book, credit card, mobile banking, bank transfer, CMS
(However, only M-PASS and Z-PASS can be automatically transferred)

Sponsorship FAQ

Q: I have completed the payment for sponsorship. How can I tell it if my subscription is good?
A: The person in charge of the sponsorship will send you a thank you email after confirming it.

Q: Where do I get the sponsorship ID?
A: You can ID and other gifts at the sponsorship desk in Mega Box Baekseok from Sep. 23 to 29. Please understand that Mega Box Paju Publishing City does not have a sponsorship desk.

Q: I can watch up to 4 movies per day, should I book separately?
A: You can get a ticket after presenting the sponsorship ID at the ticket office.
Please understand that internet booking are not available.

Q: What should I do if the movie I want to watch is sold out?
A: Since booking is not possible, there may be movies sold out. In this case, various movies are being screened at several theaters during the same period, so please select another work and watch it. In addition, we recommend a way to go, plan to watch movies and then secure tickets. However, it’s difficult to reissue the ticket if you lose it.

Q: Is there a participating fee for ‘Sponsorship Night’?
A: ‘Sponsorship Night’ is a place to thank the sponsors for the 8th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. We hope that you will go comfortably without any fee and share various opinions on the film festival.

  • Person in charge of sponsorship (031-936-7391/sns@dmzdocs.com)