DMZ International Documentary Film Festival focuses on the educational aspect of documentary, is operating DMZ Docs EDU, an educational program that combines education and documentary, Youth documentary production workshop for youth, The Filmic Story of Life for seniors senior audience ‘DocuPhile’, and DMZ Docs ACADEMY that combines documentary and humanities. DMZ International Documentary Film Festival hopes to be reborn as a place of educational experience where various values can be felt through the operation of educational programs.
In DMZ International Documentary Film Festival we run programs for seniors by expanding the base of documentary and by combining the keywords ‘senior’ and ‘documentary’ as a documentary enjoyment group by reflecting the rapidly growing population of elderly people and their social changes. 

It is a program that combines Self Record’ and ‘Self History’ and documentary production workshop to be a place of healing and reflection for seniors who want to look back on life and to interpret life in the turning point of life. It is a program to give seniors an opportunity to reflect on their own stories in the context of society and the times. The finished documentary will be screened in November.

  • Period
    Jun./19(Mon) 2017 – Nov./21(Tue.) every Tuesday, Friday
  • Contents
    oral methodology lectures, group interviews and personal interviews, self-interview, documentary production, special screenings
  • Participant mentor
    Hong Soon-chul DMZ International Documentary Film Festival Executive Committee Member, Documentary director
    Yoon chung-ro Full-time researcher, Korean Studies Central Research Institute
    Lee Young-nam Professor Hanshin University
    Lee Chang-min Documentary director, lecturer at Korea National University of Arts
    Heo Chul-nyung Documentary director