DMZ International Documentary Film Festival focuses on the educational aspect of documentary, is operating DMZ Docs EDU, an educational program that combines education and documentary, Youth documentary production workshop for youth, The Filmic Story of Life for seniors senior audience ‘DocuPhile’, and DMZ Docs ACADEMY that combines documentary and humanities. DMZ International Documentary Film Festival hopes to be reborn as a place of educational experience where various values can be felt through the operation of educational programs.
DMZ Docs EDU that combines education and documentary will operate programs such as Group viewings program, Docu essay contest during the film festival, make the audience enjoy documentaries about human rights, peace, and communication, and provide an opportunity to expand their thinking creatively and critically. 

In DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, we will hold an essay contest about various issues and stories from all over the world during the film festival. The world is seen through the movies, Docu essay contest representing the global issues reinterpreted through the preception of their own thoughts and feelings outside the movie theater will be a place for educational experience that will further enhance creativity and logical thinking.

DMZ국제다큐영화제 다큐백일장
DMZ국제다큐영화제 다큐백일장
  • Contents
    It expands logical and creative thinking by writing and submitting a movie report after watching the movies recommended by the film festival
  • Schedule
    Sep 23(Sat.) – 24(Sun.), 2017
  • Place
    Information desk for Docu essay contest in Megabox Baekseok
  • Participants
    Middle and high school students and teenagers of equal age across the country
  • How to participate
    You write a movie writer on two or three squared manuscript papers for 400 characters within one hour and 30 minutes after watching one of the movies recommended and designated by the festival among the 9th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival showings and submit it to the information desk for Docu essay contest. (※ Designated works and screening time will be announced on the homepage)
  • Fee
    Free(※ At least 20 minutes before the screening time, on-site reception and pre-application tickets at the information desk)
  • Division
    It is divided into the middle and high parts.
  • Awards
    (※ Awards may change due to internal reasons.)
    Awarded by governor of Gyeonggi Province, Superintendent of Gyeonggi Province, Goyang city mayor, President of KEB Hana Bank, Executive chairperson of DMZ International Documentary Film Festival
  • How to apply
    – Pre-reception : Application form from DMZ International Documentary Film Festival website until Sep. 22(Fri)
    – On-site reception : Fill out application form on the dame day(Sold out works excluded)
  • Inquiry