The Window looking at the World
the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

The Korean Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) of 4 km wide and 248 km long, which extends 2 km to the South and the North starting from Military Demarcation Line, was created after the Korean War Armistice Agreement signed in 1953. Since the division of South and North Korea, more than 50 years have passed without realizing the dream of reunification. Even though this zone retains the memories of great pain, it is a wonderful treasure trove of natural wild life, which has been hidden.

The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival hopes that the zone, in which violence and tragedy had started, would be born again as a field that the world people celebrate the festival through the documentary films with the message of peace, life and communication. The documentary, the window reflecting the eyes of meditation on the world, makes us discover new perspectives on the world and touches us deeply in its natural and uncolored manner.

All of the above are the value that the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival expects to share with the audience and the aims that it is going to pursue. Please throw open the window to the world in the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, the field of festival that allows people to become one through the documentary.



The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, as one of leading international documentary film festivals in Asia, aims to provide opportunities for growing to Korean and Asian documentary filmmakers and to give a field that cineastes and audience together celebrate the festival through the documentary.




Snow Goose, the rare migratory bird visiting the DMZ. They live primarily on the West Coast and East Coast of North America and we can find the records that they have passed the winter in some areas of Korea. But only a tiny number, about ten of them, visits Korea. The DMZ, in which we could see Snow Goose, is a treasure trove of wildlife naturally-preserved and there inhabit several species of endangered animal and plant as well.

Snow gooses visit the DMZ every year and freely cross over the border on the long-divided peninsula, which men are forbidden to cross at will. The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival names White Goose ‘Bekrogi’, which symbolizes the spirit of creative freedom, and makes it a symbol having the value of the Festival: peace, communication and hope for life. The ‘Snow Goose Trophy’ will be presented to the award-winning directors in the competition sections of the Festival.


Emblem to celebrate the 10th DMZ Docs

DMZ Docs which began as the professional documentary film festival in 2009 has marked the 10th anniversary. The emblem for celebrating the 10th anniversary is number 10 and a flying bird. 0 of 10 was geometricized to be 10 sides and projected light in it means the documentary film festival. As DMZ Docs’ wish for peace is included in the white heron’s flap of wings jumping up outside 0, we try to deliver hope to grow as the documentary festival for people all around the world to you beyond ideology and dispute.



The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival creates a documentary film festival field,

Peace: to look for the hope of reconciliation and co-existence overcoming the tragedy of the division

Life: in the zone where the forbidden area is born again as a treasure trove of natural wildlife,

Communication: and to let all over the world people meet through the documentary films.