This year, Youth Competition presents a broad spectrum of films. We mainly select the documentaries about the honest ‘thoughts’ of the youth for the final screening even though the make of them is a little bit tough. Disarming Project directly includes an argument of the director as a youth about ‘Feminism’ being an issue recently, and B Twisted is a film that is liltingness of the new visaul generation. Playing Children has the contemplative approach to leave us with a feeling, and Walk Under the Glare of the Moon is composed of the interviews with the youth sharing their honest opinions about the Fandom culture. Independent Film presents the serious concerns of the youth about the poor reality of the independent cinema, and The Prodigal Son leaves a kind of lament beyond the moral judgment on a teenager who decides to go out of school. Though the documentary production of the youth is not so active due to the harsh reality of education, the selected films are enough to look at the uneasy reality of youth.