The first Special Screening: Sing, My Square, focuses on the space of the candlelight rallies during fall 2016, where all Korean citizens came out and become the heroines of a momentous change. The candlelight rallies of the Kwanghwamun square in November 2016 became a memorable point striking the entire Korean society, an event even compatible with the democratization of Korea in 1987. Along with the outcry for removal of the Park regime, voices concerning LGBT, women, environment, labor, teenager issues rang out in the square. Eventually, the square turned into both a festive scene and an introspective space generating questions about direct democracy and the change of everyday politics. Through this section, we introduce documentaries reflecting on the various voices of the square, the politics of the square and everyday politics. The films screened will be the latest foreign films illustrating scenes of civil politics—the gathering of people in the square to compose populist parties that shook European politics, Spain’s Podemos, Italy’s Movimento 5 Stelle – and domestic films depicting the changes in Korean society since the 1987 democratization.

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