This year’s Korean Docs Showcase is composed of the screening of new Korean documentaries made last year and three films related to ‘Contact Zone Symposium: Following Moebius Strip’, a part of the special project of the 10th DMZ Docs, and the special screening of the posthumous film to honor the late director Park Hwansung. In the new documentaries of the year to be introduced, Undateable Women, Sister’s Room and Tong Guem: I Hate Curfews tell three different stories related to women’s issues, Garden, Zoological reflects on the aniaml rights, The Poem, My Old Mother tells a story about the country grandmothers writing poems, The Moon and the Anchor describes how the two unconverted long-term prisoners can communicate with the current generation, For Dear Life follows Yusung Company’s workers struggling against union destruction, Gipeusil looks back at the scars left by the Four Major Rivers Project, and Intention raises another issue relating to Sewol ferry disaster. In addition, we introduce Elephant Boy by Park Hwansung who gazed at humans through documentary about nature.

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