11 feature films and 2 short films are screened among the 1,187 films submitted from 105 nations worldwide in the International Competition section. The criteria for the selection of these films were both the filmic issue’s resonance with the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival’s slogan, ‘Peace, Life, Communication,’ and its possession of an original aesthetic and introspection as a documentary film. Spectators may come across films addressing significant issues that cannot be overlooked yet are prevalent in the domain of war and life, peace and human rights: the portrait of Syria in its crossroads of life and death, the observation of human beings through wildlife trackers, the violation of African women’s humanly rights during the course of war, the life of an African-American girl in her teens, people confronting aversion and discrimination, and other topics. Moreover, films perceiving themes of space and development, separation and refugees in a subjective and fresh manner, thus displaying unique aesthetics and charms of the documentary genre are screened. <Counters>, the new movie of Lee Il-ha—the director of <A Crybaby Boxing Club>, the opening film of the 6th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival in 2014—will also be screened in the International Competition section.

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