The documentary films on North and South Korea, introduced in DMZ Vision of the DMZ Docs, shows how the situation of division influences the lives of individuals in the 2000s. We could meet people who still bear the wounds of the division in Punch Bowl by Kim Youngjo depicting a difficult battle against the government of people who lost part of their body due to a mine explosion and Why I Left Both Koreas by Steve Choi, the story of people who had to leave for a third country neither North nor South Korea after defecting. As a film from overseas, Greg Elmer’s The Canadian Delegation depicts the young Canadians who attended an international student festival in Pyongyang, and it is even more interesting to record the impact of this different experience on their lives today, not the testimony of a foreign filmmaker about unknown North Korea. In addition, this year’s DMZ Vision will broaden our horizons in order to focus on the history of world disputes and to listen to the voices of people with similar experiences to ours.

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