Myeoneuri: My Son’s Crazy Wife

Sun Ho-bin
  • Korea
  • 2017
  • 80min
  • DCP
  • Color
Non-CompetitionKorean Docs Showcase

Screening Schedule

  • 09월 23일 14:00-15:20 상영코드 234 메가박스 파주출판도시 6관 G
  • 09월 24일 10:30-11:50 상영코드 301 메가박스 백석 2관 G Q&A
  • 09월 28일 11:00-12:20 상영코드 807 메가박스 백석 8관 G
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For 3-year marriage, we have fought every holiday, on parents´ birthdays, at ancestral rituals, and even on Christmas. We argue all the time. Tension between my wife and my mother is killing me.


  • Sun Ho-bin
    Gang-jeong Interview Project (2012)
    Reds (2011)
Director's Statement
I married a weirdo. My wife made a lot of conflicts between my mother. She doesn't even have any kind of common sense. She broke the order and peace of my family. I wandered between them like a pingpong ball to restore the peace. Suddenly, I had a doubt on 'the order and peace'. Isn't it based on forcing someone's sacrifice?. I turned my camera on. I filmed the twisted hypocritical peace I've been living on.


<Myeoneuri: My Son's Crazy Wife> poses questions about the deep-rooted “conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law” in the Korean society by the story of the director’s mother and wife. Or, this film is an 'Emile documentary packed with the agony of the director himself,' according to the director. Eventually, the director is in the state of double hardships in the film. One is the existential pain coming from the double position of being both a son and a husband, and another is the aesthetic pain coming from the double status of being both the director and a protagonist. The director tries breaking through (or, tries suturing) this double hardship through dysphemistic (or self-torturing) gestures and rhetorics. The biggest problem of this attempt is that (just like the advice given from the father in the film) although it may be wise in real life to maintain a double attitude to one’s mother and wife, that attitude is not enough to address the intense question of fettering conflicts between mother-in-laws and daughters. In the core of this mysterious conflict which occurs between two nice individuals, lies the patriarchal system. The distance needed to ask questions about the system should not be neutral, but biased. Only that way can the question be fully asked in reality. “Go, B-rated Myeoneuri!” [Byun Sung-chan]


  • Director  Sun Ho-bin
  • Producer  Park Jin-suk
  • Cinematographer  Na Ba-ru
  • Editor  Moon In-dae
  • Music  Kim Woo-geun
  • Sound  Lee Sung-Jun

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