An Insignificant Man

Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla
  • India
  • 2016
  • 96min
  • DCP
  • Color



A non-fiction drama chronicling the most outrageous political debut in the largest democracy in the world, An
Insignificant Man follows Arvind Kejriwal and his insurgent party as they look to shake up Indian politics while
struggling to keep their own idealism alive.


  • Khushboo Ranka
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    Continuum (2006)
  • Vinay Shukla
    Bureaucracy Sonata (2011)


​Even in India, the unexpected change has happened in 2012. Arvind Kejriwal, who was working as a revenue officer, stands for an election to eradicate the corruption of established politicians. He formed 'the party of ordinary people (AAP, Aam Aadmi party)' to fight back against the government corruption and put up a candidate in the election of Delhi. He doesn't mind holding a hunger strike if he could change the citizen awareness and make positive changes in India's society where the election frauds are rampant. And he also tries to protect the most basic and ordinary rights the citizens deserve, including the normalization of electric rate and water rate. The election result marks the crack in the two-party structure of the ruling party 'Congress Party' and the leading opposition ‘BJP', and Kejriwal is elected as the Chief Minister in Delh. The film depicts the process of the election of which no one can predict the result, a year before the election. An Insignificant Man ends with the scene of the election victory, but it lets us know that 'the revolution' and 'the new change' are yet to be completed through the subtitle. Even though it deals with a part of the revolution, it shows how difficult it is to start taking action for the change, and how hard it is to maintain the first willingness to change. [Park Hye-mi]​


  • Director  Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla
  • Producer  Anand Gandhi, Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla
  • Cinematographer  Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla, Vinay Rohira
  • Editor  Abhinav Tyagi & Manan Bhat
  • Music  Ola Fløttum

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