Singing with Angry Bird

JEE Hyewon
  • Korea
  • 2016
  • 89min
  • DCP
  • Color

Screening Schedule

  • 09월 17일 20:00-21:29 Code 438 Grass square of Bella Citta in Ilsan G
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A popular Korean opera singer started the Banana Children’s Choir in Pune, India. His quick temper earned him a nick-name ‘Angry Bird.’ Frustrated by the lack of support from the parents, the Angry Bird decides to train the parents to sing for a joint concert with their children. Probably the toughest challenge of his life.


  • JEE Hyewon
    앵그리버드와 노래를 Singing with Angry Bird (2016)
    엄마와 클라리넷 Mom and Clarinet (2015)


Opera singer and conductor Kim Jaechang starts the Banana Choir for children in the slums of India. He notices how children have forgotten the joy of singing because of their parents who have trouble making ends meet, and decides to launch a singing project. Sinduja is a girl with such beautiful smiles. Rahul wishes to sing with his father. Manali is a victim of domestic violence. These three children start weaving their dreams together amidst their harsh circumstances. They are the only hopes for their parents who have grown accustomed to poverty and social discrimination. It is touching to see how their parents gradually regain joy and peace in life through the choir. Singing with Angry Bird makes us consider the power and importance of cultural enjoyment above immediate material needs. It brings tears to our eyes to see the way they practice the songs and dance they have learned during rehearsals in the marketplace or on their way to work. A staunch believer in the power of music, Kim Jae-chang creates a small miracle that saves the lives of the family members. [BYUN Hyegyeong]


  • PRODUCER  KIM Sunah, KIM Yuli
  • EDITOR  BAE Wonjung
  • MUSIC  SONG Joonsuk
  • SOUND  KIM Jieun, JUNG Heegu