The King of Twirl

Xander de Boer
  • Netherlands
  • 2016
  • 17min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Asian Premiere
Non-CompetitionDocs Family

Screening Schedule

  • 09월 22일 11:00-12:00 상영코드 101 메가박스 백석 2관 G DE
  • 09월 22일 11:00-12:30 상영코드 127 메가박스 파주출판도시 1관 G DE
  • 09월 25일 11:00-12:30 상영코드 401 메가박스 백석 2관 G DE
  • 09월 25일 11:00-12:30 상영코드 418 메가박스 백석 컴포트 6관 G DE
  • 09월 26일 11:00-12:30 상영코드 514 메가박스 백석 8관 G DE
  • 09월 26일 14:00-15:30 상영코드 502 메가박스 백석 2관 G DE
  • 09월 27일 13:00-13:59 상영코드 602 메가박스 백석 2관 G Q&A
  • 09월 27일 14:00-15:30 상영코드 621 메가박스 백석 컴포트 6관 G
  • 09월 27일 14:00-15:30 상영코드 612 메가박스 백석 7관 G DE
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The King of Twirl’ is a 'dance-documentary' about the eleven year old Janero. Janero can not sit still, he's alway dancing. He wants to prove himself and be the best in twirl, a sport that's traditionally just for girls. Janero is the only boy of his age in Northern Netherlands who competes in this sport. It's a little weird to outsiders; a guy that practices with his 'baton' day and night. But Janero doesn't mind being the only boy in this sport. He want's to prove—for once and for all—that Twirl is not only a sport for girls.


  • Xander de Boer
    Gezocht: Een Huis Voor Serayah (2015)
    Mijn Ding is Taal Zeg Maar Echt Niet (2013)
    In Stijl Dansen (2012)


Can you do what you want to do like there are no obstacles at all? It is not easy to overcome the conventional gender role we were accustomed to, rather, raised to. ‘Janero’ is never concerned about those conventions. A boy falls in love with girls’ activity, traditional dance only girls can do with sticks. ‘Janero’ always dances. The dance is traditionally for girls, but ‘Janero’ who applied for the competition wants to be the best in the competition. Feeling unfamiliar looks from the others, ‘Janero’ continues practicing night and day, regardless of where he stays. Because that is what ‘Janero’ wants to be proved that he is the best. Slowing down Janero’s dance moves declares that the dance is not just for girls, and at the same time, shows a boy’s confidence clearing the convention. [Kim Sang-hwa]


  • Director  Xander de Boer
  • Producer  Albert Klein Haneveld
  • Cinematographer  Pierre Resus
  • Editor  Denise janzée
  • Sound  Stefan de Groen, Chris Everts

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