Kim Bo-ram
  • Korea
  • 2017
  • 83min
  • DCP
  • Color
Non-CompetitionKorean Docs Showcase

Screening Schedule

  • 09월 22일 16:30-17:53 상영코드 104 메가박스 백석 2관 G Q&A
  • 09월 24일 14:20-15:43 상영코드 336 메가박스 파주출판도시 3관 G
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An aged dog lives in an empty lot in the secluded town. The camera approaches the people around and ask them ´who the dog is,`. The residents start sharing their own observations and memories of the dog. Through the pieces of stories, certain clues to the life each person has lived also start being revealed.


  • Kim Bo-ram
    Shall We Talk (2014)
    Struggle before the marriage (2013)
Director's Statement
Very often, life in a city deletes certain existence. Everything easily leaves you and becomes forgotten just as easily. Here, it is hard to notice something that naturally becomes extinct. All the misunderstandings and distortions taking place in life perhaps begin with the moment of such severances. In the urbanized life where ´relationships `have become scarce, I wanted to examine the sense of emptiness through the life of Baekgu the dog. What are the elements of life we are missing, and what are the values that should not be forgotten among us, these are the things I wished to examine.


<Baek-gu> begins with a stray dog Baek-gu living at the foot of the Namsan in Seoul. The director takes a camera to know how Baek-gu has lived and how the dog has settled down here. Asking around about the history of Baek-gu, people pay attention to the director a little, but no one knows the whole story correctly. Someone gives a weird look at the director following the insignificant old dog, someone testifies one’s observation of Baek-gu with an affectionate voice. Baek-gu is not healthy, doesn’t look good, nor has something extraordinary feature. However, Baek-gu presents ‘things that are left without a name and being forgotten’ beyond the concept of abandoned dog. Being not published on a newspaper, the life never becomes a news. The owner of a supermarket who used to take care of Baek-gu closed his business and a clean and accessible 24-hour convenience store will replace the spot. A ninety-year old man is just a man unable to communicate normally due to his deafness and a seventy-year old woman applies for a make-over program to find beauty and youth back, but at the same time, calms herself down worrying about herself looking silly. The director examines these beings she ran into between her 13th and 15th move as if she tries to grip sands slipping through her fingers. [Park Eun-hye]


  • Director, Producer, Editor  Kim Bo-ram
  • Cinematographer  Kim Bo-ram, Cho Hyun-na, Mun Jeong-hyun, Kim Jun-ho, Koh Jae-hong, Choi Ja-heon
  • Music  Choi Sung-ho
  • Sound  Ko Eun-ha

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