10th DMZ Docs Special Forum

The First Step to Go Beyond the Division of Korea with the Documentary as the Communication Platform

DMZ International Documentary Film celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018, while the two Koreas are now facing a new era this year. It has been so long since they were divided into two Koreas, but for the year 2018, they are pondering together on the peace and ending the war.
We believe that it is the time for the documentary to step up and become a messenger with the calling of the new era, even though that it has been particularly restricted in co-production and inter-Korean exchanges due to its different attributes from feature films.
DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, which has been introducing several documentaries about North Korea in ‘DMZ Vision’ section, will meet director Park Yeoungi at the Special Forum. As the third generation of Korean-Japanese who has been filming North and South Korea in his documentaries, he will share his experience of filming in North Korea. Professor Kim Sungkyung will lead the discussion session for exploring the possibility of inter-Korean cooperation through documentaries. Professor Kim has been studying the cinematic imagination overcoming the current situation of the divided nationas well as writing books including 『The experiences and cinematic representations of north koreans’ bordercrossing』.
With this forum, we hope to make the first step of communication and find a keyto overcoming the division of Korea, while anticipating thefuture challenges for the production of documentary related to North Korea.

Date: September 18 (Tue) 11:00
Venue: Megabox Baekseok Comfort 6
Moderator: MO Eunyoung (Programmer, BIFAN)
Presentation: PARK Yeoungi (Director, The Sky-Blue Symphony – The Story of the Korean Schools in Japan – (8th DMZ Docs))
KIM, Sungkyung(Assistant Professor, University of North Korean Studies)