9TH DMZ Docs award winners announcement

9TH DMZ Docs award winners announcement

**Award winners will be screened on thursday 28th

International Competition

Grand prix (White GooseAward) : Anna Zamecka
Some characters of documentary films make an impression on us as strong as they do in fiction films: the encounter with them enriches our view on others and on ourselves. The value of this encounter is related to how well these characters are re/presented in the film whilst avoiding the pitfalls of cold observation and voyeurism. It is even more true and difficult when it comes to filming the daily life and intimacy of a family whose difficulties are concentrated in a small space and in the difficult coexistence with what is too frequently refered to as “abnormality”.Filming it obviously implies building a strong relationship of trust, but also being able to maintain a very fragile balance between individual portraits and social environment, between benevolence and lucidity, between gravity and humor. For having accomplished that with a rare talent, and for having combined the remarkable technical and dramatic qualities with the very sensitive approach to all the characters, the jury decided to award the Grand Prix of the international competition to the film Communion of Anna Zamecka.

Special Jury Award : Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon
The clashes of the civil war in Syria have been on the media screens for so long now that we would almost get used to the current tragedy, forget its history, or be content with stereotyped images. To re-situate this tragedy into the individual and collective existence, apart from media images, one needs to propose another type of images, another type of discourse, and to arrange them differently. For example, by not being content with the usual images of demonstrations, repression, and war, but linking them to a singular point of view and making them communicate in a personal voice with more intimate images of a group of young friends immersed in the struggle for freedom. It is no longer a distant war, nor almost an abstract war, but a story experienced by the youth between commitments and disappointments; between the violence of the former and the violence of the latter; between sacrifices and hopes of new tomorrows.For this, the Special Jury Award is awarded to The War show by Andreas Dalsgaard and Obaidah Zytoon.

Asian Competition

Asian Perspective Award : Zhou Chen
The jury would like to give the award of Best Film to . This work not only explores the limits and boundaries between documentaries and fiction, as well as game play and real life, it also presents an expanding intersection of space shared between theaters and galleries. This documentary mines timely questions spanning issues of gender, social norms, traditional and social media, and forms of alienation and virtual connections that arise that the youth can engage on, in a manner that is well within the modes of communication afforded by the changing technology. This work can inspire viewers, especially the youth, to think about their own place in the world, making us reflect on ways towards peace and reconciliation in society, all in the midst of a proliferation of fake news, consumption, and varying forms of virtual enhancements afforded by our surroundings. This experimental work is a refreshing take that can also inspire other filmmakers to explore not only this subject matter but also find value in the mode of production and ownership of material that they can use to build their own independent thematic work.

Korean Competition

Korean Special Jury Award : Oh Jung-hun
The winner of the Korean Special Jury Award goes to the film that illuminates the poetic beauty embedded in everyday life- Oh Jung-hun’s ! This film focuses on ‘rice’ and takes the audience on a journey through the cycle of this life-sustaining staple- from planting, nurturing and blooming to harvesting. It reminds us of a fundamental truth, which often forgotten, that human beings and nature are intimately, inextricably connected. The jury commend the film for its cinematic poetry, and the directors ability to expertly weave together the rhythm of nature and the toil of man, resulting in a moving, artful ode that honours the humble grain and the sacrifices made to bring it to our table.

Best Korean Documentary Award : 4.16 Act Media Committee
The winner of the Best Korean Documentary Award goes to 4.16 Act Media Committee’s ! The film shows the on-going Sewol Ferry disaster, still not solved, from remembering and mourning perspectives. The documentary talks about how Korean society must remember and mourn the still on-going Sewol ferry disaster which has not been given proper investigations for the least truth. The effort to bring unsolved cases into the current memories has been a critical role of documentary in Korean society. I show respect to the directors who posed themselves for this important role. Especially, the judges want to mention about the late Park Joing-pil’s presenting a civilian diver, the late Kim Kwan-hong and Ahn Chang-gyu’s about the last escapee Kim Sung-mook. These two works made us think about how our society must solve the problem of Korea traumatized by the Sewol Ferry disaster. By showing individuals experiencing the moments of the disaster, those films keep showing the exact cause and nature of the tragedy and because of that, the film says that this trauma is not upon each individual but the society which is the only key to ease this trauma. The direction is outstanding as it expands its theme into social field while focusing on traumatized individuals. Focusing on individual trauma is outstanding as it expands its thematic

Youth Competition

Excellence Award : Kim Min-seo, Kim Nam-ju, Lee Sung-jea
The work presents the horror of the Vietnam war without causing discomfort while it overcomes its own limitation. The film seriously considers how to deal with a lot of pain other than war itself. It is true that we felt the lack of the director’s honesty since it was filmed in the school, but we’d like to highly think of its developing process, the problems of the times moving into individual’s inner side. The director’s psychology is flexibly entangled with the film and that shows definite direction of the work which leads the audience easily, but carefully, to the film.

Best Youth Documentary Award : Heo Na-gyeong
The film says, ‘make difference different’, and beautifully and harmoniously renders people who accept difference of each other. And the way of presentation, matching its auditory theme, contributes to attract the audience and make them focus. The film contains the director’s honesty and sincerity which overcome the banality of the theme. We can highly think of it’s power to make audience concentrate on the film without doubt.

Special Award

Brave New Docs Award : Kim Sang-kyu
The work of putting right value into practice in the documentary must be overcoming fear and revealing it and suspecting it. I’d like to give a big hand to all the works nominated for the special awards including .
Brave New Docs Award means a lot when it comes to dealing with difficult subject matters, not easily explained with color theory or ideological argument. The reason we chose this work although it is like in which a man changed to a woman is that we thought no one’s mouth shouldn’t be covered by the word ‘commie.’ We need new morality embracing North Korea, not judging it as strange country.
Making the world where everyone freely speaks up is equal to making a documentary.

Beautiful New Docs Award : Lee Il-ha
beautifully presents a heavy story, very sensitive and interesting political subject, which might be misleading at the slightest slip, with presenting both parties’ stories, trying not to bore the audience. The camera adheres to characters and shows people’s interviews, their struggles and conflicts in order to intelligently represent the conflicts between Korea and Japan. The way the director develops the story proves himself how energetically he can deliver his message without any special tricks. The documentary on the screen has its virtue practicing journalism and at the same time, very fun like a TV show.

Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award : Park Soo-hyun
Park Soo-hyun’s is covering the site of Sanggye 4-dong demolition, in 2011, in ‘his’ point of view who was temporarily hired for the demolition at that time.
Urban redevelopment is condensed idea with desire for organized and cultivated city appearance, desire to possess the land, and increasing property. But the film shows two different classes, not absorbed to these desires, the urban poor who look for another space reflected in bleak eyes of the demolition worker.
‘His’ testimony is connected to excluded people’s desperation and pessimism. Because the capital market is hardly expected to recover its normality and the worker and the urban poor, they project each other like identical twins.
This film looked partially rough and unskilled when I first saw it. However, its warmness or cool-headedness toward the weak is competent enough to present. It shares the meaning of winning the Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award.
The judges send deep affection to this winning film as we hope the director can expand and develop his ‘cool-headed point of view toward the society’ and ‘infinite passion for the object’.

DMZ – ClosingCeremony – Audience Award

Audience Award : Oh Jung-hun