Documentary films’ charms told by Actor Cho, Jin-woong and Actress Jiwu

Cho, Jin-woong

Actor Cho, Jin-woong has been loved by all generations through his acting ability to cover a wide range of genres from human dramas and historical dramas to thrillers and comic dramas. The connection between him and documentary films began by the narration of ‘Foulball (2014)’ that describes the true story of Director Kim, Seong-geun and baseball players in Goyang Wonders that touches you. Cho, Jin-woon who has been specially interested in documentary films since then was deeply impressed by showings in the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, <Becoming Who I was>(Won the award in the 67th Berlin International Film Festival and the 2017 Moscow International Film Festival), <Planet of Snail>(Won the award in the 24th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) and <Le Tour: My Last 49 days>. And they say that he decided to take the lead in informing people of documentary films’ charms.
Cho, Jin-woong has been loved by the public through his unique existence as well as the box office of the works of art that he appeared including the drama, ‘Signal’ and the movies, ‘the Handmaiden’, ‘Bluebeard’, and ‘the Sheriff in Town’. He was an honorary jury in the 2014 Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival and an honorary ambassador in the 2010 Busan International Short Film Festival. Like this, he has taken the lead in diversifying Korean movies. He has recently continued his meaningful walk of helping the development of the movie world participating in the Gyeonggi-do G-Cinema project, the Gyeonggi-do project for supporting diverse films.

“I made a habit of finding unique echoes that touch audiences in documentary cameras’ eyes toward the truth in the reverse of reality and weak persons beyond the mainstream.” I will do my best to inform more people of the film festival to make them watch documentary films.”


홍보대사 조진웅

Honorary ambassador Cho, Jin-woong

  • Born in :1976, Busan
  • Educational background:Department of Theater and Fim in Kyungsung University
  • Career
    – 2014 Honorary jury in the 13th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival
    – 2010 Honorary ambassador in the Busan International Short Film Festival
  • Awards
    – 2016 Grand Prize, Actor in A miniseries in the 1st Asia Artist Awards
    – 2016 Grand Prize in the 1st tvN 10 Awards
    – 2016 Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries in the 5th APAN Star Awards
    – 2016 Best Supporting Actor in the 21st Chunsa Film Art Awards
    – 2015 Best Supporting Actor in the 10th Max Movie Awards
    – 2015 Best Actor in the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards
    – 2014 Best Supporting Actor in the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards
    – 2014 It Award in the 18th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.
    – 2012 Best Supporting Actor in the 21st Bull Film Awards
    – 2010 Best New Actor in the 18th Chunsa Film Art Awards



Actress Jiyoo made her debut through the movie, <Villain & Widow> in 2010. She played a role of ‘heart-broken Yeju’ in ‘A Stray Goat’, the movie that she appeared early this year after the movies <Fist of Legend> and <Cart>. She will be very active in TV and movies as she was recently cast in the Drama, ‘Age of Youth 2’ as a timid but lovely ‘Ryu, Eun-jae’. She has also don her best to extend Korean movies’ horizons by participating in the diverse film supporting project that increases the opportunity of showing diverse films and supports their production.

“Documentary films are the window that meets our lives and truth and learning place. I would like to serve as great energy and power in informing people of documentary films’ charms because they contain various social issues from the various viewpoints.”


홍보대사 지우

Honorary ambassador Jiyoo

  • Born in :1997, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Educational background: Drama and Cinema in Konkuk University (In school)
  • The movies that Jiwu appeared
    – 2017 <A Stray Goat>
    – 2016 <Knocking on the Door of Your Heart>
    – 2014년 <Cart>
    – 2013년 <When Winter Screams>
    – 2012년 <Family Cinema> China E.D.571
    – 2010년 <Villain & Widow>
  • The dramas that Jiwu appeared
    – 2017 <Wuju’s Byeri>
    – 2015 SBS <You’re All Surrounded>
    – 2014 KBS <Inspiring Generation>
    – 2013 KBS <A Bit of Love>